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Getting Close to the Beginning

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

I had an old blog post sitting in the drafts that talked about how we were looking for a place, what drove me to finally open my own place, etc.

That was October... a lot has changed, but also we have been in a month long holding pattern that has felt like FOREVER.

So where are we? We found a place in Newtown Square. We love the location. Got lucky with some interested and excited landlords, have a great contractor we've been working with and have met with lots of helpful people. We had to go to a township zoning meeting for approvals for the use and an exception for parking spaces available -- we are now one week away from getting our answer and really starting to work (and spend money!).

Since things don't wait while you wait, we've been working on our positivity and moving forward on things under the assumption it's going to work out. We've been getting great support from members of the Newtown Square community both during the zoning meeting and in the weeks since. We are really excited and hopeful that we will be able to start work and open this summer(2020)!

I will also say that the local brewing community has been fantastic and unbelievably helpful. Everyone has been happy to talk for hours about what works, what doesn't work, equipment choices, tap lists, and any answers to the myriad of other questions that I asked. I honestly can't be more thankful for the help I've received along the way from people I've known and people I hadn't met before.

While we are firmly riding on the positivity train as mentioned before, as any sports fan will tell you, we also don't want to jinx it. You may have seen some pictures of tap handles posted on instagram, seen a facebook profile pop up and/or somehow made it to this half finished website. We just wanted to say hi, we are here and working behind the scenes. We aren't open yet, but hopefully have a lot more to share next week!

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