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It's Been a Ride

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

This will be a shorter post since I realized I never updated the blog (just social media) after the first post. Summary - Positivity train de-railed and we were denied zoning at our initial location.

Longer Version

What a crazy time, huh? As we were sitting on a ski mountain in Vermont enjoying a Fiddlehead IPA (seriously, if you are in the Burlington area, you need to stop by...fantastic beers) waiting for the call when we heard the bad news. We were denied zoning at our location. Spent the next 15 minutes letting our bank, real estate agent, landlords, equipment suppliers and contractors know who were all lined up ready to go. Then we went back to the drinks to finish off our vacation and worry about things when we got home. Locations in the area aren't plentiful, especially ones that are even remotely affordable, so it was a daunting task starting over. Nothing goes smoothly, but we were getting good signals through the process, which made it even more of a let down. We decided to let ourselves breathe for a week or two before we dived back in.

Hindsight is 20/20 (and 2020 kinda sucks right now)

Yes, it's cliche, but as we are all sitting in our houses with restaurants and bars shut down, no construction, and local breweries doing whatever they can to survive (curbside/delivery), maybe we will be thanking the township in the long run for the zoning denial. Please, take advantage of the options from your local brewery and order for curbside or delivery, support your local locations.

We are working through ways to start the process again as we move forward. Understandably, this will be very limited right now with not much real estate being offered or able to be viewed. The first plan is to work through using our pilot system to license a much smaller location and being ready with marketing events, festivals (if they exist this year), tap nights at local bars in Delaware County, etc. That process has slowly started and we will keep everyone updated as things move on in the next few months. In parallel, we will start looking at real estate again over the next few months and see if any new opportunities present themselves.

In short - Please support your local restaurants and breweries so they can survive this crazy time and be there for us all when the slow process to re-open starts. Stay safe and healthy, keep your distance and try your hardest to stay sane in these difficult times. We will do a better job of keeping everyone updated as we move forward and thank you for all the people who have reached out.

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